A Platform for Influence

Worship leaders I ask you this question: “What goes through your head during a worship service or event?” If you’re like many worship leaders it might be chords, song structure, exhortations, transitions or “Please God let me hit this note correctly”, just to name a few. However, I want you to search within your heart. A wise worship leader once said, “A stage is for performance, but a platform is for influence.”

On the platforms of churches across this nation, week in and week out, worship leaders are given the opportunity to influence others; and it’s not just by the notes we play, or the high pitches we can hit while singing. In fact, it’s not even about the most popular song in the worship genre to date. Rather, it’s about the motivation of our heart and the person/thing that holds center stage in our worship.

Through Jesus, we now have access to the very presence of God. As worship leaders, God has given us the opportunity to lead people into His presence by lifting up this name, the name above every other name. Now, let’s be clear: You minister to God and God ministers to His people by His Holy Spirit. Worship leader, you are ministering to an audience of One, and that is God. He does the work. He does the convicting. He moves in people’s hearts and lives. Influence on the platform does not mean forcing the congregants to lift their hands, or ‘make’ them worship; rather, it is a God given opportunity to showcase the glory and majesty of God through the content of our worship. Content and influence go together in worship ministry.         

I challenge you today to sharpen your biblical knowledge (Psalm1:1-2). Hone in on your musical abilities and practice them daily and consistently (Psalm 33:3). Establish and build up leadership and team structure (Proverbs 27:17). These are ways to build up influence with your team and will help you exemplify influence in a corporate setting, because the ultimate goal is to see God gloried.      

My final thought to you is this. Remember, you and your team are the Levitical priests of the House of God. Zach Neese, worship pastor and author of How to Worship a King writes, “Here is the game-changing fact for a priest (worship leader, pastor, evangelist, whatever you are). In reality, Jesus is the worship leader. He’s the High Priest. You’re only responsibility is to obey Him and follow His lead. You are not responsible for the results, God is.”

Here are some worship leader thoughts that I want to leave with you as you lead in corporate worship:

  1. The biblical content of your worship is greater than the musical content of your worship. Both are necessary.
  2. Your motives in worship will display your heart of worship.
  3. Influential leadership is just as important off the platform as it is on the platform. 


Tad Ruiz is the owner and founder of Adoration Seminars, where he serves to help develop, structure, and grow individuals and teams musically. Tad also serves as a worship leader at Iglesia Del Pueblo in Mission, Texas. He blogs for www.rgvchristianevents.com. Tad is also an accomplished songwriter. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Worship Studies with a Leadership Cognate. Tad’s desire is to see individuals grow to the next level in their lives. You can find out more about Adoration Seminars on Facebook. For more inquires you can email Tad at AdorationSeminars@gmail.com. Coming soon…www.AdorationSeminars.com.