The Spiritual:

We believe there are two sides to leading worship which are the practical and spiritual, both of which are equally important. While trying to bring people into worship, we’ve seen that a common occurrence is to ask the congregation to do things such as closing their eyes and lifting their hands. The actions, in and of themselves aren’t necessarily worship because they can be empty movements if the heart is far from the truth. Now, one thing to remember as we are up on the altar singing or playing, is that our job is to lead people to worship God through the truth found in the songs that we sing and that as worship leaders, we aren’t only there to provide good music but to provide an atmosphere of his presence! We strongly believe this next point and proclaim it often, music can move a person’s body, but only the Holy Spirit can bring change into their lives.

To love Him is to know Him.

Another spiritual aspect of worship leading is prayer and the relationship we build with Jesus through it. Pray at home, pray with your team, pray while driving and ask for guidance on what God wants for that practice, service or event. Now, we know it may sound cliché but pray before a practice, service or event and you’ll see how the changed atmosphere will cause the worship team to be of the same heart and mind.               

The blind can’t lead the blind.

There are times when we are swamped with events, practices, meetings and recording sessions and we fall prey to devoting less time to worship in our daily lives. When those times come, we have to ask ourselves, “How can we lead others to worship when we don’t lead ourselves to do it in our personal time?”  One thing that we do with our band Leon to make sure that we don’t fall prey too often is that as we practice a song, we take time to worship along with the song and because we believe that a team that worships together, stays together. A great advantage we’ve found through doing this is we’ve come to encounter God in our practices so strongly that we are assured God will encounter the congregation as well. Another thing we’ve learned is that God loves to be amongst his people and from Genesis to Revelation, God seeks to walk with men, talk with men & seeks for us to encounter his love.

               Enjoy Leading Worship

One of our greatest joys is seeing what God is doing with his people as its happening. Try to not keep your eyes closed for every song. Interact with the congregation by not just singing the song but leading people with the song. Allow the congregation to speak back to you. Over all of these tips and opinions, the one thing we can ask of you is to enjoy leading worship. In the words of King David, “I will celebrate before the Lord.  I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.” Don’t be afraid to throw in a few dance moves or a few shouts. Move around and enjoy the Lord’s presence. God has placed you there for a reason and do not take that lightly for He has chosen you to lead His people into His presence. Pray, grow and enjoy what God has in store for you and your church’s congregation.


 - Eliu Gonzalez & Stephen Salinas