I was asked to write a piece about worship leading and while brain storming ideas for the piece, I thought of one of my best friends, Stephen Salinas to help me with it. We have served together in many different conferences, church services, worship nights, youth events and including in our band Leon. This is just a small part of what we’ve learned during our time in the ministry and I hope that it is a blessing to you and your worship team as it was to us while writing it.

The Practical:

In our experience, one of the main problems we face as leaders of multiple worship teams is members not knowing their individual parts. Now, we understand that life is hectic at times with work, school, relationships and kids but when making the decision to join the worship team, that member has an obligation to know their parts for the respected songs. Will we ask them to leave the worship team because of not knowing a solo or maybe a lead in the bridge? Of course not but there have been many times that we have walked into a practice setting and spent half an hour or more per song, listening to the original recordings while members learn their parts. Is it fair to the members who separated time out of their week to practice and learn their parts? No, it’s not and in our view, it’s somewhat disrespectful. As we mentioned earlier, we understand that life is hectic but by that same token, showing up to practice unprepared to rehearse and dragging out practice an extra hour or two may cause a members’ day to become more hectic or hinder the band from finishing or having a productive practice. Another thing we have run into frequently is a member(s) showing up to practice extremely late. Is 10 minutes that bad? No but showing up 30 – 45 minutes late is. We just always want all of our members to know that their time and effort is appreciated and respected which is why we try to make sure that all members know their parts before practice and show up to practice on time. We’re not trying to deter you from joining a worship team or to make it seem like all worship teams struggle with these issues but there is always room for improvement. Try to fit in a 5 minute meeting after church or send a group message to your team this week and request for everybody to have their parts down by your practice date, an extra instrument cable, extra picks, drumsticks and to show up to practice 5-10 minutes early to set up and see for yourself how much better your next practice runs.


 - Eliu Gonzalez & Stephen Salinas