Leader: Set The Atmosphere.

Shortly after I completed my ministerial internship I had the opportunity to serve on staff at Ignite Life Center in Gainesville, Florida. For a season there I was responsible for opening the church, turning on equipment, putting the batteries in the microphones, etc… And I was also responsible for turning on the air conditioner (or heater) in preparation for our services.

I wish I could tell you that I carried out my responsibilities perfectly every weekend, but I didn’t. For different reasons there were times I forgot to recharge the batteries through out the week and now didn’t have batteries for Sunday, or I overlooked turning on one piece of equipment and it would affect the sound, but the worse thing was when I would either forgot to or get to church late and not turn on the AC/ heater. Let me tell you, the few times that happened people noticed. 

Now I don’t know if you have thanked God recently for your AC/heater but you should. lol just kidding (no but really) Just this past week our central air here at our house stopped working for like only 3 hours and dude I thought I was going to die. I seriously thought about siting in my car with the AC on until the AC repairman arrived; no lie. lol

Why? Because you feel it. If it’s winter and you don’t turn on the heater in time, you feel the cold. If it’s summer and you forget to turn on the AC, you feel the heat (especially here in south Texas).

And when I would accidently turn on the AC/heater late on a Sunday mornings back in Gainesville, people felt it. And there was nothing I could do to change that. And sure we would still have service, but it was different.

Today as I look back at those experiences, under the lens of leadership, I submit to you that we as leaders set the atmosphere for what happens in our services. Yes God is God and He can and will do whatever He wants. But what we do as leaders before services kicks off also matters. And now I’m talking about much more than your AC/heater being on, I’m referring to your spiritual life and service preparation.  

How you pray throughout the week, how you develop your sermon/ lesson, how you practice your instrument, how you live and treat others, how you plan your services and get things ready & so much more.

I believe our God deserves the best, and not only Him but the people we serve on a weekly basis.

Leader, commit to setting an atmosphere in your local church, where the presence of God can reach, touch, and transform people’s lives. For it is for that reason that you and I have been called.

Thank you for serving how you do!

Joey Salazar