Worship Ministry and Administration

When you think of worship ministries you may think of musicians, vocalists, mics, cables, instruments, sound systems, and possibly platform set-up. However on rare occasions does one ever consider the ‘behind-the-scenes’ aspects of what it really takes to keep a team growing and developing, unless of course you are a full-time worship director/pastor on staff. In my 13 plus years of being a worship leader I never saw administration as a vital and productive aspect for worship ministry growth and development, until 2007 when I was a volunteer vocalist and lead-out for a church in Arlington, Texas. The team was about 40 plus in membership and I would often wonder how the team stayed so organized. I noted the different departments that existed under the umbrella of “worship ministry.” There were several areas that existed and the majority of them were off the platform and were rarely or never seen in services or events at the church. This inspired me to learn how the departments functioned individually and corporately. The first thought that came to mind was organization. The team was organized, and yet it was done with such professionalism. So one day I sat with my worship director/pastor and asked him, “Who is the leadership of the team and what do they oversee and do?” The answer to that question was the spark of what God would later develop and implement through me starting in 2011 as a full time worship director. That spark was administration.

             So what exactly is worship team administration and why is it necessary for a worship ministry? Administration is the backbone of a worship ministry because it helps keep the structure and organization of your ministry intact, growing, and consistently developing. Worship team administration is worship ministry beyond the platform. Is it work? Yes. Is it another item on the plate for worship leaders/pastors, directors? Yes. Is it worth it? You better believe it. When is the last time you created an organizational department chart for your team to see the branches of your team, or lack thereof? How do you recruit for your worship ministry and is it effective? What documentation and processes do you use for recruiting new members, worship leaders, and lead-outs for services? These are just some of the questions that effective administration can help answer. God is constantly showing me new ways to administrate with my worship team as well as with those teams I consult with. God is in the business of administrating. If you don’t believe me just ask a local pastor who’s running a full-time staff of 2 to 20 plus people. God wants us to be organized because he requires excellence in everything we do for His kingdom. Notice I said excellence not perfection. We need to be good administrators because we, along with our teammates, are imperfect people…Hello! As a leader, God has called you to steward the people you oversee with excellence and clarity of the vision put forth from your Senior Pastor. My prayer for you is this: That God would give you deeper insight and creativity with growing and structuring your team through effective administration. It is a passion of mine to help worship ministries grow in this aspect of leadership development. If you have any questions or need help administrating your team, I am here to help and assist you. God bless you.  

 “Excellent preparation omits unnecessary frustration and leads to clear direction and organization.” – Tad Ruiz


Tad Ruiz is the owner and founder of Adoration Seminars, where he serves to help develop, structure, and grow individuals and teams musically. Tad also serves as a worship leader at Iglesia Del Pueblo in Mission, Texas. He blogs for www.rgvchristianevents.com. Tad is also an accomplished songwriter. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Worship Studies with a Leadership Cognate. Tad’s desire is to see individuals grow to the next level in their lives. You can find out more about Adoration Seminars on Facebook. For more inquires you can email Tad at AdorationSeminars@gmail.com. www.AdorationSeminars.com.