4 Keys to Walk Effectively as a Young Leader

I’ve been doing ministry for about 8 years, mostly worked with youth and I’ve always believed that God has no limit or specific age to speak and use you. All you need is a willing heart. It’s been a great journey and there is still a lot more to experience and grow in God. Here are some key things I’ve learned in the process of walking with Him and leading His people that I’d like to share hoping it brings a different perspective.

1.    Vision/Prayer life:

The first thing I’ve learned about leading is, we must have vision and develop an ongoing relationship with God in order to lead His people. You must know what God is saying and where He is taking you. This can only be done through prayer, having a place of intimacy with God. Many times we find Jesus separating Himself to be alone with God to know His will. As a leader our hearts must stay in the place of knowing the Father’s heart. Know the heart of the Father and everything else will flow from it!

2.    Serving with a Heart for people:

The second thing I’ve learned about leading is that it’s not about you; it is about serving and above all loving people. Jesus was humble, poured in to others, and yielded Himself to His Father’s heart. He had no ambition of His own, He wasn’t looking to build an empire or impress people. He simply stopped over and over again for just one person, for just one life! Jesus’ basic motivation was love for people. As a good friend of mine always say, “let Love lead”.

3.    Loving the Process:

The third thing I’ve learned is love the process and the trials God places you in, learning to seek God in the good and bad moments of life. It teaches you to know God's ways and to love the process because it is the process that makes you rich, not the outcome of your circumstances. The process prepares you for your calling, it chips away selfish ways and allows us to reflect our truest identity of a son stepping into the likeness of Jesus.

4.  Be a Leader of Influence:

Influence is the result of fruitfulness, faithfulness, and humility. Every great leader has these 3 qualities that are truly Jesus-like, there is a foundation to what they do. There is a mission and purpose to their life that is infectious; their roots go deep in the community they’re a part of. They aren’t in it for themselves but the greater good. A leader of influence has lost the sense of fame and understands that their influence is to make Jesus famous in every area of their life.

These are key things I’ve learned on my journey with growing in God. See if any of these things can be helpful and applied to your own life or even in your ministry!

-- Nef Rivera

Nef Rivera is a passionate young man that's been wrapped up in ministry for 8 years believing God for his generation. He is committed to sharing the Gospel of Jesus and passionate about living  for something greater than himself. He love God and love people.