The 5 P's

Bill Bright was known for saying: “Change the campus today and change the world tomorrow.” There isn’t a mission field in existence today poised to shake the foundations of global spirituality like the university campuses of the United States. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to lead the ministry of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) on my campus, Texas A&M International University for the past five years.

ooking back at all God has done in such short time is just quite amazing.  Along the journey I have learned so much and would like to share with you 5 keys words that have helped us to get where we are at today.

Process – In order to grow you must understand there’s a process. I once read that leadership is learned daily, not in a day. The process is what makes you who you are and who you will become. It’s important to understand that getting from point A to point Z won’t always be smooth and often times comes with hi’s & low’s. Our FCA club began in 2010, when a friend approached me about starting a campus ministry. God had placed it in her heart to do something before she graduated, and her being a student athlete FCA really ministered to her.  So, we got together with 3 other students and one advisor in 2010 and had our first meeting. In the beginning we had many great and not-so great experiences, but as we have kept God first in everything that we have done and continue to do, we have seen Him do some incredible things. God is working in your life through a process, even when you don’t even know it.

Purpose – Without a purpose you have no direction of where you are going. If no purpose is established then you might as well run in a circle. Purpose is the key to where your ministry is going and what it stands for. Make your purpose be known and stand by it. God is a God of order and you should not be jumping around with what your purpose is. Find your purpose and stick to it.

Prioritize – Put things in place. More than ever before, we need to prioritize our time since we are the generation of “I don’t have time”. It’s funny how so often we feel like time just disappears from us. Stop and look at a clock, God gives us 24 hours in a day to do His work, to love on people and preach the gospel. So now, ask yourself, where is your time going?  What is important to you? Schedule your time wisely.

Persistent – Keep On Going! No matter what, you must be willing to keep moving even when no one else will. Persistence is key to your ministry. God never gave up on you when you walked away, when you broke your promise, but He stood by you and is always there for you. When situations get tough consider it joy for God is with you and those ruff patches that come your way will only make you what you are to become.

Pliable – Pliable means to be flexible. Allow yourself to be moldable and ready for any changes. Things may not always go as plan but it’s how we respond to those unfamiliar waters that determines who we really are. Flexibility is key in our ministry at the university because at any given moment things can change without notice. But we have learned that God allows everything to happen for a reason and even when things don’t go according to our plans, what we learned along the way makes it all worth it. See, God always has the best plan for you, call it the 2.0 version of whatever plan we have. When things don’t go the way you planned, don’t stress, God knows what He is doing.

Please allow these words to encourage you and help you along your journey with God. Whatever He has paced on your heart to do, go after it with everything that you have.


By: Josh Serna