New Generation, Same God

                I believe that at one point we have all been faced with asking ourselves this question “When is modern innovation too much? And, does it ever cross lines and standards in Christianity?”  We are caught in the middle of a generation that at times seems to have an “Identity Crisis” and now more so due to everything that is being thrown at us. For this reason we constantly find ourselves as Leaders trying to find ways to encourage our young people to not only stay in church, but grow spiritually. Let me tell you something:  the most effective way to encourage young people is through your own lifestyle. Yes, this means all eyes on us! Don’t be discouraged. With so many celebrities and people of influence in the media, it still is possible to be the encouraging role model and leader for the young people of this generation. Here are 5 Key Principles that we need to have in order to thrive in the middle of this ongoing challenge.

        I.            God is still God - As a Leader and a Christian, in general we need to remember that God is still God. No matter how much the generations change, God and His infinite power will never change. The same God the rose Lazarus from death is the same God that can continue to raise the dead. Generations all go through period of change. In fact, change may be the only constant between generations. Whether that be the way we dress, or how we think about God, no two generations are exactly the same. Still, Hebrews 13:8 serves us as a reminder that He stays the same through the ages.

      II.            We still need God- We as humans, by nature, often times may feel like we want to run and do everything on our own. But, it’s important to stop for a minute and remember that in everything we do we must to depend on God. Learn to lean on Him and not on our own understanding as we are reminded in Proverbs 3:5. No matter what position we serve in, whether ushers or directors, we need God.

    III.            Let God Lead – Many times it is so easy for us to pile up our agendas with events and programs. We are responsible people who like to be ready and have everything on point. But think for a moment, do you consult God about your agenda before you present it to anyone else? Has He approved what you have planned? This doesn’t mean, don’t plan and allow God to guide you as you go. No, planning is imperative and the foundation of excellence. Instead, I am inviting you to allow God to be a part of your decision making and planning process. Remember Joshua and the people of God? God’s instructions may have not made sense or held much logic for that matter, BUT it led the people to the victory because they were led by God.

    IV.            You are Unique- There is nothing wrong with admiring big ministries. Whether that be a ministry serving thousands of people, or smaller congregations that have major anointing, there is not wrong in admiring their work and accomplishments. I have my personal faves, that I can listen too over and over again, but I should not try to do ministry exactly like they do. I am Mary Tapia and Mary Tapia has her own identity in Christ and I need to work with this identity, because God has prepared who I should be, in Him and through Him. Allow Him to work through you and be who He wants you to be.

      V.            Back to Basics – Last but not least and this is something that is very near to my heart, it has been a pressing burden in me to go back to the basics. God has stirred my heart with this matter very strongly; we have lost sight of the most important key in our life. I often get asked what the key in your ministry is. This is my answer: going back to the basics. That is seeking Him in prayer, reading the Word, and fasting. We need to keep in mind that our battle and grander purpose is not in the human realm but in the spiritual realm. In the end, we cannot fight in the spiritual realm when we are not spiritual strong or mature ourselves. When we live by the Spirit, we will not have to worry about agendas and programs to make our groups grow. Fruits of the Spirit will speak for themselves, and for that reason people will come, when they want to serve the same God you have. I cannot stress this more, and I make a humble invitation to you and an urgent cry to go back to basics. SEARCH FOR GOD LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

                 It does not matter what type of group of people we work with on a daily basis, or if the generations change with time. God still remains God and His power will not change. If you hold these 5 principles as reminders and encouragements in your leadership style, something is bound to change and happen. We need to remember this generation may change but God does not. As leaders we can only do so much, but we cannot change people, that is something that God does. As a leader, allow your leadership style and impact on others to be a direct reflection of your personal relationship with Christ.  God will exalt in public those who search for Him in the secret place. I encourage you to meditate on this and ask yourself what reflection are you giving to those you’re leading?  


This blog was written by Mary Tapia. In her young age of 27, she has served in different capacities in ministry for over 11 years, traveling in both USA and Mexico. She currently is a member of Mision Divina in Brownsville, TX under the leadership of Apostle Dr Genovevo Izaguirre.