The Obed-Edom Effect

Concern runs through my mind and heart when I think of a generation who is so tied to just one position, rather than having a serving heart in any area. Throughout my 19 years in church, I have seen how ‘leaders’ of a certain area stay attached to their position, and are not willing to serve in others. You see, that’s one of the reasons I pray that this generation becomes more like Obed-Edom.

You may ask, “who is Obed-Edom, Kaysa?” Well I’m glad you asked! Let me tell you two of the main positions he had that caught my intention. He was known to be the leader of songs, in other words, a worship leader. However, he was also described to be the door keeper. Those positions are awesome and all, but what truly hit me was having to read in between the lines of a door keeper, all the way to a worship leader. I’m not sure if you’ve caught on by now, but one is in the front, the other is in the back. Here’s what I learned from this man.

1.     He was not attracted to his positions; he was attracted to be wherever the presence of God was whether in the front, or back. How beautiful is that? He was a man who was willing to serve in any position, because he wanted more of God. With the most tender way possible I ask you to think of how many times have we seen a worship leader as a greeter? A pastor as a greeter? It’s seen, but way too rarely. Do you now understand why his story really draws my attention now? Friends, do not be focused on being in the front. Be focused on being wherever the presence of God is. Be attracted to His presence. It is Him who gives you promotion, but don’t be tied up to only that.

2.     Obed-Edom’s heart of servitude was so evident, to the point that he left a legacy to his generations about his relationship with God. He desired more of him which is why he was willing to be anywhere, as long as he could get as close as possible to His presence. His attitude and actions spoke more powerfully than words. Are your actions and attitude speaking about your willingness to serve? Don’t become the type of Christian that has to beg with words about how much they love God. Let your attitude and actions speak for themselves. What will your future generations see in you? Obed-Edom’s generations saw a humbled man simply seeking more of Jesus everywhere and anywhere. My question to you is, do you have a relationship with God that’ll leave a legacy for your future generations, or are you so tied up with a certain title?

I pray this generation does not get so attached with their positions. I pray that our actions and attitude speak volumes about our evident relationship with God the father. Our actions and attitudes NOW, have the potential to leave of a generational blessing. There is nothing more wonderful than being attached to the presence of God. Nothing is more satisfying, I promise! I pray we become a generation like Obed-Edom; that we do not focus more on a position than Jesus Himself.

-Kaysa Hernandez