How to Walk with God

It’s amazing to see how many young people are involved in church now a days. I believe this is a period of time where young people are serving in ministry like never before, and that’s amazing. I myself work full time in ministry, & because of the people I’m surrounded with, my family, and leaders I’ve served under before, I’ve learned several things that are vital in our walk with God, things that even seasoned ministers should take a look at to be reminded. Here are some of those things to keep in mind:

1. To lead, you must first learn to be led.
Let’s be honest, walking in humility is not something easy, but if we look at the life of Jesus, we see that walking in humility was something He Himself did all the time & if we desire to lead it is something we must do as well . Matthew 23:12 says it clearly “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”
Our natural beliefs are not on par with how the Kingdom of God works, so obedience isn’t something we naturally do, it is something we must learn & choose to do.

2. Distractions are deadly.
Getting caught up in ourselves could be the death or what delays the promises of God for our life and even for the lives of others. We have to constantly be reminding ourselves that the Father has a plan, Holy Spirit is always speaking to us, and Jesus did not only die for you but for the entire world. This will lead you to live a life full of things that are “...far more abundantly than all that we ask or think…” Eph. 3:20.

3. Don’t live off of someone else’s faith.
Knowing the Father is what will completely change your life. Not knowing about Him, or knowing what other people believe or think about Him, but what YOU can personally say you’ve experienced and what you KNOW to be true about Him. You will never reach a point where you know all about Him so don’t quit on your pursuit towards Him. And if you are asking yourself how, well it's simple, read the Bible/study it, listen to your leaders, and spend time alone with Him DAILY.

Apply these things to your life, and if you already have then check yourself to see if you have been consistent in doing these things. Why? Because you need to be ready to receive the fullness of what’s available to you, do not settle for the “norm” by living a life that seems or looks “regular and ordinary”. God is ready to do so much in you and through you, are you ready?


Daniel Gonzalez was born and raised in south Texas. He grew up surrounded by believers & thankfully that led him to Jesus. He fell in love with music as a teenager and pursued the art ever since. Today he works in full time ministry serving as the Worship Director at Strong Tower Ministries located in Hitchcock, TX. His desire is to continue to be in agreement with the Father’s heart, teaching others what worshiping in spirit and truth truly is.