Embrace the Process

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. James 1:2-3 (NKJV)

Ministry, like many professions and labor, has its moments of glory as well as those that are less to be desired. The passage above reminds us to “count it all joy” in the midst of trials and tribulations. Two questions, “Where is your faith?” and “Where is your focus?” Often times our faith may be “in” God, however our focus may be in the opposite direction (in the trial). There are two things we need to consider as we move through the processes of ministry and life…faith and focus. Your faith may give you access to meet with God, but the focus of your faith captures the heart of God.

Process is in everyone that is growing or progressing in one way or another. Your destiny requires you to go through the process, because process is the potential agent of growth. Whether that growth is spiritual, educational, social, mental, or physical, it is of great necessity in order for you to be a better you. Growth is always a process, and it rarely happens overnight. One does not gain muscle through a one-time 30-minute workout for an entire year, and all of sudden they have muscular strength. Rather, the person must be consistent and persistent in what goals they may desire to accomplish. The same goes for the believer, as our lives are in constant process of change. It is important that the process is embraced, for it through the process that one is made stronger and wiser.

When we embrace the process of the spiritual things of our life, we understand that it is a purging or cleansing within us. God always has a purpose for the process. In fact, the purposes are beyond you. The purposes are so that God may be completely glorified through your life, and yes that includes Him being glorified through your trials. When you learn to embrace the fact that God is walking you through the process, then you are learning to focus your faith on what’s important…God and His will.

We do not walk alone in ministry or life. We walk with a God who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. When you view the process from that perspective, then you can count any process in life “all joy.” Your source is God; His word is your compass; Your prayer life is your life-line; and salvation should be a reminder of your faith. So focus your eyes on the Maker and Creator of all things good. The process you embrace today, will be the workings of a better you tomorrow.


Tad Ruiz is the owner and founder of Adoration Seminars, where he serves to develop, structure, and educate worship leaders and teams. He has been leading worship for over 14 years and currently serves as worship director for Iglesia Del Pueblo in Mission, Texas. Tad serves as a personal coach for The Tribe, a coaching and mentoring program in conjunction with www.nextgenrgv.org. Tad holds a Bachelor's degree in Music from Southwestern Assemblies of God University, and a Master's degree in Worship Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. He is currently working on his first worship album. He is writing his first book on worship ministry and leadership. Tad and his wife, Lizette, reside in McAllen, Texas.