Mantles Equal Processes

Do you ever feel like where you want to be isn’t where your currently at? Have you ever felt like you were destined for more and you couldn’t comprehend what you’re doing now isn’t what you feel like God has called you? Maybe someone promised you something and you’re willing to do anything to chase after it but you find yourself always in trouble or on the wrong side of the tracks. Can I tell you, everyone that is called is chasing a mantle. It could be executive assistant, youth pastor, personal assistant to the senior pastor, executive pastor, or associate pastor, either way the list goes on and on. In every season of our life, we’re after a mantle but we cannot expect to receive the mantle if we’re not willing to go through it’s process.

If anyone can relate to this process it would be Elisha. Elijah met Elisha in one of the most unexpected ways possible, and he met him while Elisha was pushing the plow. (1Kings 19:19-21) God usually finds the greatest leaders not leading but serving. Within a second, Elisha became Elijah’s assistant. He left everything he had to pursue the mark of destiny that had been bestowed to him. When God wants to take us through a process to reach our calling, we have to leave the past behind to pursue it. The mantle waits for nobody. As leaders, we have to be able to grab opportunity when it comes knocking. Opportunity waits for nobody. When the chance is there, you must take and grab it.

I truly believe that every believer has his or her own mantle of anointing. We shouldn’t covet another believer’s anointing or mantle. In due time, I truly believe God will promote you! We can see that Elisha remained faithful to Elijah under all kinds of different circumstances. Historians tell us that Elisha served Elijah for about 15 to 20 years. Could you imagine what things Elisha did to stay faithful to Elijah? Washed his clothes? Rubbed his feet? Get him a pail of water? Whatever the circumstance may be, Elisha remained faithful to Elijah and because of His faithfulness, when the time came for Elijah to leave the earth, Elisha could ask for a double portion of his anointing (2 Kings 2:9) Elijah knew the heart of the young man who served him so well. When Elijah was taken to heaven, his mantle fell from his shoulders at the feet of Elisha. It was then, at that time, that the anointing doubled.

So, I’d like to encourage you with these 3 points:

1. Don’t allow yourself to get consumed with pride and power that you lose sight of the presence of God, and the heart of servanthood.

2. Stay faithful to whoever or whom you serve. The more faithful you are, the more fruit blossoms in your life.

3. Wherever your authority plants you, stay there and bloom until you’re ready to be planted somewhere else. If God sees your heart and he sees you blooming, you’ll be one step closer to receiving your mantle.

Ryan De la Rosa, serves at Livingway Family Church under the ministry of Pastors Bill and Anne Moore and serves as the assistant to the Youth Pastor, Ps. Ryan Moore for Anchored Youth Ministries.