St. Augustine famously stated,  “You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you.”  I have learned that there are seasons in ministry that are crazy busy.  And, it is vital for all leaders to take time to reflect, glean, and refuel after those busy seasons.

Here are ways I REFUEL after a busy season of ministry:

1.  I create quiet time and place it on my schedule.  I want to think about what just happened.  I want to give myself time to reflect, and learn.  I make room for the Holy Spirit to speak to me.

2.  I listen to podcasts.  I don't listen to podcasts "every" day, but when things slow down a bit, I tend to soak up a bit more to refuel my mind and heart.  This feeds my thoughts and soul. 

3.  I appreciate people.  We cannot do this alone.  I thank time to say thank you to different people who helped to win the battle.

4.  I gather my thoughts, and look at my calendar, and get ready for the next wave.  I "wash my nets". Luke 5 states that the disciples were washing their nets after they had toiled all night.  In other words, after a busy season, they gave their nets some attention.  The net was important because it is what they were going to use again for the next catch.

  • Washing your nets means checking your roster.

  • Washing your nets means checking your systems.

  • Washing your nets means updating emails and meeting with key people.

  • Washing your nets means setting up a debrief meeting with your team.

You need to stay fresh in every season.  You deserve it, your family deserves it, and so does your ministry. My desire is for you to have an awesome ministry year!


Pastor Abram Gomez Abram Gomez is the Executive Pastor of Cross Church, formerly known as Valley International Christian Center, in San Benito, TX. He serves under the leadership of Bishop Jaime Loya and helps in leading the 2,500-member congregation. Abram is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Church Ministries. He recently earned  his Master’s Degree in Human Services Counseling with a specialization in Executive Leadership from Liberty University. Abram is the founder and director of NextGenRGV, a movement designed to mentor Next Generation Church Leaders. Through NextGenRGV, Abram has established an online presence providing resources for young leaders with blogs, videos, and podcasts.  Additionally, he has founded the Tribe, an intensive coaching program for leaders between the ages of 18-40.  Abram recently received approval as a team member and representative for Nation 2 Nation University, a video-based ministerial school offering two and four year degrees.  His teaching is a part of the curriculum including Youth Ministry, Church Administration and Church Growth.  Nation 2 Nation University has partnered with churches around the world to establish ministry training centers equipping pastors and leaders.  Occasionally, Abram writes for Valley Christian Magazine, a regional periodical that covers the entire valley.  He and his wife, Rebecca, reside in Harlingen along with their precious daughter Isabella.