How to be a Great Leader

In a previous blog I shared about the five must do's in youth ministry. One of the must do's is to Stay Focused! When we stay focused on who God has called us to be and where he has placed us to do ministry we won't compete, compare, or complain. I believe if you stick to this motto you will be a great leader!  I use this motto for everything I do in life Husband, Father, Youth Pastor, Creative and Friend.  Today we will focus on leadership and ministry.  

1. Don't compete - If you can stay away from competing against others, you will have no problem with getting into the next two c's. I believe competing will lead us down the wrong path, and will get us out of the lane God has placed us in. It's great to always be progressing as a leader, but there is a fine line when we start trying to be BETTER than someone else. BE YOU, our WORLD NEEDS YOU!  

2. Don't compare - Early on in student ministry I was able to see how other student ministries where crushing it via social media. I began to see others rapid growth and I started to compare our wins to someone else's win. It set me back for a bit.  I had to make a decision. Was I was going to compare our ministry to another ministry or celebrate with others as they crushed it in ministry? Let's Celebrate, not Compare. 

3. Don't complain - "Do everything readily and cheerfully—no bickering, no second-guessing allowed!" (Philippians 2:14 MSG). Let's be honest, we've all complained in ministry.  I know it gets tough, it gets hard, and sometimes we can feel like we are doing everything alone...which leads us to complain.  There were moments for me when I felt like this, which led me to look at others, and I began to complain.  If I had their sound system, their worship team, their people, if I was in their city, THEN we would be growing and be successful.  That language is the language of complaining!  I had to stop myself early on and decide this "Stop complaining and making excuses for other people's success."  The language of complaining will always lead you to failure.  It will also push you out of your lane. Let's be cheerful in all things!

I believe God has set you up for success!  He has placed you exactly where He needs you.  Let’s be quick to live our lives with this motto:  DON'T COMPETE + DON'T COMPARE + DON'T COMPLAIN = SUCCESS!  Keep your head up and keep running your race...WE NEED YOU NEXT GEN LEADER!  

Be Blessed,

Noe Longoria Jr.

Youth Pastor 

Word in Season International Church