Serving to Lead

To serve is to lead as to lead is to serve.   There are seasons in life to which you're called to do, but the one season that doesn't fade nor linger; that's to serve.  In the length of time of being in ministry I've learned for me to lead, I first must serve.

One of the greatest examples we see and find within the scriptures, obviously that's Jesus Christ.  But I'd like to share the life and character of a young man who many of know as the Giant Killer; yes, you guessed right, David!  There were different seasons in his walk which lead him to become king.  But the key element in each season was his servanthood.   He was able to face each season of his life because of how he had served in the previous season.  David was used to being in the midst of animals, again serving.  Can you imagine if he would've gone straight from that time of his life into the palace?  But different times in his life prepared him for his season of reign.   

David could not have gotten to the palace if he did not face the bear, the lion, and even Saul.  In all of these settings, it's relevant that God used David's spirit of servanthood to go into his next season.  The bear prepared David for the lion; the lion prepared David for the giant; and the giant prepared David for the palace. Even at the fight with the giant, David did not go with the intention to fight but to feed his brothers.  In other words, he went to serve. Through his servanthood, he was able to gain strength and bring down the giant. 

There are settings in your life that will lead you to your prime place.  Are you ready to serve?  To question is an easy action, but to move on it,  it takes you to a different setting. SERVE TO LEAD and LEAD TO SERVE


Rev. Diego Mendoza, M.Div.
West Texas and Plains District Youth Director