5 Things I've Learned Being A Pastor

1. Your work is never done

2. You can't do it alone

3. Build a strong team around you

4. You can say no

5. Never stop learning.

The more you learn, the better your team gets. Being a Pastor is totally different then being a leader in a ministry. As a leader you oversee one ministry. As a pastor you oversee the whole ministry. I have been a Pastor for two years and it been an amazing and difficult journey.

No one ever explains how difficult it was going to be or that there were going to be days that you feel you can't do it. Perhaps there are days that you just want to give up. But God always reminds me "I chose you and I didn't make a mistake." I wouldn't change anything I have gone through as a Pastor. Everything I have gone through has only made me stronger.

Before joining tribe a year ago, I felt like I was in a boat and I did not know which direction to go. When my wife and I joined tribe we didn't know what we were getting into but we knew God had a plan. We learned a lot. Not only did we try to figure out which direction God was leading, but also how to lead and mentor other people. There were ways that the Tribe helped to guide us and communicate with us and I started using those ways and resources with our church.

The most important thing I've learned is that you are never alone. There are other pastors and leaders that feel the same way I did. I didn't just get help but I was able to make new friends and mentors. More importantly, my wife and I continue to be part of a family that continues to grow. We ain't Tribe, We are family.


Hello my name is George Zapata Jr. Two years ago I became the Senior Pastor at New Wine Church in La Feria, Texas. I was previously served as Music Pastor. Education 2005-2006 Dallas Baptist University 2001 San Antonio College CNS.