The Keychain

Do you own a keychain? If not, you should consider getting one. I have a keychain and honestly, whoever invented the keychain should get an award. The keychain is a great invention because it allows me to idiot-proof one area of my life. I own quite a few keys that are extremely valuable to me. These keys are valuable to me because each key unlocks a different door that holds some type of importance to me. Without these keys, I would be locked out of a few places that I need access to every day.

Have you ever been locked out? Have you ever needed to access a special place and didn’t have the right key? Have you checked your keychain lately? I have. In fact, recently, I cleared out some unnecessary stuff from my keychain and made sure that I only carried the keys that I actually need. After clearing some space on my keychain I found that I was left with four keys that were the most valuable keys I could carry with me.

Theology is a lot like a keychain. To put it simply, theology is the overall study of God. Theology in itself doesn’t really unlock any doors any more than my keychain does. But what I have found is that the there are certain keys that we can carry on our keychain of theology that will help us unlock the doors of revelation that God has for us. I want to share with you the four keys I carry with me and how these keys, attached to the keychain of theology can help keep you from being locked out of the treasures that God has for you through His word.

1. My house key. (The Holy Spirit)

The single most important key that I carry with me on my keychain is the key to my home. It is the most important key because it unlocks the door that leads me to the most important relationships I have. This key allows me access to my family. Without this key, I would be locked out of my home and locked out from being with the ones I love.

The Holy Spirit is the first and most important key you can have on your keychain of theology. Just like my house key unlocks the door to my home, the Holy Spirit is the only one who can unlock the door to the relationship you have with Jesus through scripture. So how do we use the key of the Holy Spirit? When studying scripture always ask this question: “Holy Spirit, what is it that you want me to learn through the passage that I am studying?” What you will find is that the Holy Spirit will help guide you and unlock the door of understanding so that you can receive from the Bible.

2. My car key. (CONTEXT)

The second most important key I own is my car key. It is important to me because without it I can’t get to where I want to go.

The second key you need in your keychain of theology is the key of CONTEXT. Without context, you’ll never get to where you need to go. Think of it this way; if you take the text you’re reading out of context then you are left with a con. Context is king. When studying a passage of scripture always ask this question: What is the proper context of what I am studying? Make sure you always look to interpret every passage in its proper context.

3. My storage key. (Original languages)

The third key I keep on my keychain is my storage key. The storage key is important because it holds valuable items that I own that I usually have to dig through to find what I’m looking for. Without my storage key, I’ll never access what I have that is hidden.

The third key you need in your keychain of theology is the key of “original languages.” The Bible was written in two different languages. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek. I recently read a passage of scripture in Matthew where Jesus says; “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” When I read that I was like wow! When I mourn God will comfort me! But a closer look at the Greek word for comfort is the word “paracletos”. The word “paracletos” is actually the same word used for the Holy Spirit.

By looking up the word in the Greek, I actually received a greater revelation of what God had for me. Not only does God want to comfort us, he actually gave us the person of the Holy Spirit who gives us comfort. By looking at the original languages, you can unlock spiritual blessings that you otherwise might not receive had you only studied it in English.

4. My mailbox key. (What’s to come)

The fourth and final key I keep on my keychain is my mailbox key. This key unlocks a door that leads to what I am waiting for.

The fourth key you should keep on your keychain of theology is the key of “what’s to come”. When studying scripture you should always study it with the mindset that scripture is a revelation of God’s plan for humanity. His ultimate plan is revealed through redemption in Jesus Christ and the plan that he has for his church. When studying scripture you should always ask this question: What has God done and what is He going to do? This key will help unlock the door that leads to discovering the hope that we are waiting for: The blessed assurance of an eternity with Jesus Christ, forever!

By: Danny Castro