Meet With Your Team

Doing ministry is work.  Doing ministry alone is crazy.  Doing ministry with a team is important.

In my years of leadership, I have always sought out others to help me.  Jesus recruited 12 disciples.  Paul had traveling companions.  We need others as well.  One of the first things I did when I started youth pastoring was that I built a team around me.  The team became the backbone for the vision to be carried out.  I established a meeting rhythm.  I met with all my leaders and volunteers once a month on the first Tuesday of every month.  I also met with my CORE leaders after every youth service to go over what we felt we did great and what we felt we did poor.  To this day, I still have a monthly meeting rhythm with our leaders as an Executive Pastor.

If you have been given an opportunity to lead, it is essential to get others involved in the work.  However, it is even more important that you establish some type of healthy rhythm of meetings with your team.  Here is why meeting with your team is important:

1.  Meeting with your team helps you to cast vision on a consistent basis.  Vision leaks.  In other words, the team may be inspired in one moment, but then quickly forget what we are aiming for.  Distractions make way into our lives.  Busyness settles in.  Meeting with your team helps to apply a fresh coat of “vision” on the hearts of your team.  Constantly tell them where you are going.  Vision never gets old.  Meeting with your team twice a year is simply not enough. 

2.  Meeting with your team helps you to identify who is really committed.  One of the biggest reasons that I have heard leaders give for not meeting with their teams is that no one has time.  You may be thinking that everyone’s schedule is different.  You’re right.  However, my suggestion and advice:  if being on the team is important to them, then they will make time to be at the meeting.  Perhaps set up a monthly meeting.  Obviously, be realistic.  Keep it consistent.  Then, allow your team to display their faithfulness to your meetings.  Trust me – some will surprise you by their willingness and commitment.

3.  Meeting with your team helps you to impart the spirit that is in the House.  Whether you are a Pastor or Youth Leader, meeting with your leaders allows the culture and DNA of the church to be imparted to your team.  In my opinion, face time and presence cannot be replaced by technology.  Some things are caught.  Meetings allow the team to be together in one place with the mindset to receive inspiration, instruction, and information. 

4.  Meeting with your team helps you to go deeper with your teaching.  There were certain things Jesus told the disciples that He didn’t share with the crowds.  As a leader, when you meet with your teams, you will have the platform to share with them things you wouldn’t normally share with the crowd.  You give them a more behind the scenes look at ministry.  Also, you can sometimes go deeper with leadership teaching.  You can ask for more of a commitment from your leaders.  


Abram Gomez is the Executive Pastor at Valley International Christian Center in San Benito, TX. He serves under the leadership of Bishop Jaime Loya and helps in leading the 2000 member congregation.   Abram is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Church Ministries.  Currently, he is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Human Services with a specialization in Executive Leadership from Liberty University.  Abram has served in various roles such a Church Planting, Life Groups Director, Youth Pastor, and Administrator to name a few.  He is also a contributing writer to Valley Christian Magazine, which reaches out to the entire region of the Rio Grande Valley.  He and his wife, Rebecca, reside in Harlingen along with their daughter Isabella.