Growth is essential to our satisfaction and our success, but it doesn't just happen. It requires intentionality, focus, and accountability. 

We’re excited to offer you our premier online learning resource, The Classroom. This resource is designed for your personal & ministerial growth and fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle. 

Each course is only $50 each and lasts 3 months. Each student enrolled will be able to access current course videos and receive the corresponding PDF workbook. 

Course Schedule and Description:

Effective Youth Ministry

1 Semester = 3 months

If you desire to work with the next generation, this course is for you. Pastor Abram offers insight from his years of working with young people. As a youth pastor, he was able to take 15 youth to reaching hundreds on a weekly basis in a couple of years. He is also the founder of Outpour Conference, which has reached thousands of youth and young adults over the years. His teaching provides the fundamentals necessary to establish a healthy youth ministry.

Sessions Included:

1. A Vision for Youth Ministry
2. Characteristics to Develop in a Youth Pastor/ Leader
3. A Healthy Youth Ministry
4. Main Purposes for a Youth Ministry
5. Outreach in Youth Ministry
6. Making Youth Disciples
7. Building Community and Fellowship Among Youth
8. Training Youth Leaders
9. Common Exhortations and Encouragement for Youth Workers
10. Challenges in Youth Ministry


Church Administration

1 Semester = 3 months

Building a ministry takes work. Managing a ministry takes skill. In this course, Pastor Abram teaches on practical lessons for anyone desiring to help lead a church. He is the Executive Pastor of one of the nations fastest growing churches, and he had the opportunity to lead staff and leaders, as well as manage weekly operations for the ministry. Not only will you love the insight provided by these sessions, but you will also gain valuable wisdom for developing a foundation for your own life.

Sessions Included:

1. Foundations of Administration
2. Strategic Planning
3. Church Culture (Part 1)
4. Church Culture (Part 2)
5. Staff and Personnel
6. Team Building and People Development
7. Change Management
8. Leadership Principles
9. The Importance of Clear Communication
10. Conflict Resolution
11. Office Administration (Part 1)
12. Office Administration (Part 2)

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Courses Coming Soon:

Church Growth and Development

Pastoral Epistles



All Courses are part of the Nation 2 Nation Christian University Curriculum.

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